Mini Avocado
Mini Avocado
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Mini Avocado

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Don't let its size fool you. Despite being small, our Mini Avocado will keep your dog stimulated.

Our Mini Avocado features multiple pockets for hiding treats or food and comes with a squeaker to keep your dog interested. This product is perfect for small dogs or puppies to snuffle, chew, and play with. We do not recommend this product for tough chewers.

Snuffle mats keep your pups occupied and engaged. Sometimes we don't have the time to walk our pups and that's okay! 15 minutes of snuffle training is equivalent to an hour of walking.

Mental stimulation is equally as important as physical exercise. Hide their favorite treats, dog food, or daily supplements in the hiding spots and let them go to town searching and rewarding themselves!



  • Stimulates the brain to free them of boredom.
  • Helps keeps canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome at bay which is common in older dogs.
  • Encourages natural instinct for foraging and sniffing.
  • Great as a calming activity for stressed or anxiety ridden dogs.
  • Slows down pets that inhale their food.
  • Low impact activity for dogs with limited mobility.


Product Details:

Color: Green and brown

Material: Polar fleece, Polyester

Measurements: 5x4x2.6 in

Machine washable and dryer friendly for easy cleaning. We recommend washing after every 5-10 uses.



Not meant to be used as a tug or chew toy.
Snuffle mats should be used under supervision.
Remove the product if it becomes damaged.                                                          Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury as with any toy.

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